UBNSoft Launches SaMICRM Beta Version

UBNSoft Launches SaMICRM Beta Version

UBN Software Solutions has announced the release of SaMICRM software as a beta version, the latest product from the stables of this leading IT services, consulting and outsourcing company, well known to offer extendable, quantifiable and scalable technology solutions. In a sense, the CRM offers a complete solution with unparalleled power and functionality for medium and small scale industries.

SaMICRM is an online, Cloud-based helpdesk software application. The purpose is to enable you to support customers effectively without any hassles. The application carries all the solutions that are most commonly faced while maintaining a client database. SaMICRM compiles all information related to your existing and prospective clients into a knowledge base and made accessible to your company’s agents and customers as well.

SaMICRM provides a unique platform that manages leads, organizations, contacts, partners, suppliers and vendors. User can keep a tab on everything from projects, background, events, opportunities or email history, and a host of other features. Strengthening the customer relationship is what makes SaMICRM the best in the business.

What it delivers?

  • Single cloud-based platform for multiple business solutions
  • Systematic Process Automation
  • Easy Outlook integration
  • No user and database limitation
  • Highly convenient customer management
  • Interactive and communicative portal
  • Hassle free Invoice generation (upcoming feature)
  • Easy classification of opportunities, prospects, leads and contacts
  • Lightning fast data updates
  • Highly customizable as per industry
  • Unlimited import and export facility

Time to Unleash Your Growth Potential

  • Project Monitoring: An entire project can be monitored without any fuss – right from the start date of the project till its completion.
  • Lead Generation: Identify positive and successful leads from the contacts and details of the customers. Maintain a systematic record of the same.
  • Contacts Management: Collection of entire customer base in a sequential order. Store and retrieve contact information with ease.
  • Task Handling: Effective allocation and distribution of tasks among the users. Ensures efficient use of time, and resources in an organization.
  • Meeting Setup: Schedule events, meetings, appointments, etc. The scheduler helps to set up meetings and send invitations.
  • Security: The platform is an administrative control panel that adheres to all kinds of security measures. The application is fault-proof. Admin panel ensures safety and security of the system.

For more details and free-trial visit SaMICRM official website.

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