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Customers’ relation with your business or brand is your greatest asset. Regardless of your business, building a lasting relationship with customers is invaluable, and UBNSoft’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software solutions can help you achieve that, and a whole lot more. Organizations are looking at ways to become more client-centric; and technologies like CRM helps achieve that. The right CRM can help your team explore better opportunities in your sales pipeline, effectively target goals, and deliver your marketing efforts in a focused manner.

Today, CRM has become a critical business software system. It is becoming increasingly powerful for every organization as it interacts with your clients, rather than being a tool for a sales or customer contact. CRM helps you learn more about your customer through vital business intelligence on their behaviors and trends, deliver quantifiable business results, keep pace with rapid changes in your business and the ever changing market, and mitigate expense and risk for your business by providing useful insights on current and future performance.

We at UBNSoft have the expertise in developing an efficient CRM to help your organization create the ultimate omni-channel customer experience, thereby enabling your business to send your customer engagement levels through the roof.

Our Services:

  • Integration and Management – ERP, Cloud Services, Integration Platforms, Accounting & Financial Management.
  • Sales Solutions – eCommerce, CPQ, Performance Management, Content Enablement, Proposal and Contract Management, Analytics, Social Sales, Partner Enablement, Relationship Intelligence.
  • Customer Service and Support Solutions – Voice of the Customer , Multichannel Contact Center, Service Analytics, CTI integration, Knowledge Management, Social Service, Field Service.
  • Marketing Solutions – Data Enrichment, Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, Marketing Analytics, Campaign Management, Social Management.
  • Data and Analytics – Data Enrichment, Analytics, Business Intelligence.
  • Productivity – Content Management, Web Conferencing, Enterprise Collaboration, Email & Calendar, Location Based Services, Business Process Management, Learning Management.

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