Mobile COE

UBNSoft clearly understands the importance of Mobile in this ever changing business environment. Today, more and more employees are using smart devices in the workplace. Organizations today are facing a new set of challenges and that is because of the exponential growth of mobile. Why it is problem? No guidance from a mobile center of excellence (MCoE) team is the reason. Companies around the globe have started allowing the use of employee-owned smart devices with a primary aim to improve the level of productivity. However, many organizations are still facing a huge challenge to enable the broad use of these devices.

UBNSoft’s Mobile CoE understands the scenario well. We know how to build, scale, coordinate and manage all the different critical aspect of enterprise-mobile initiatives. The key lies in making all mobile projects seamlessly visible across the organization, and use this visibility to improve quality and gain major efficiencies. UBN’s Mobile Center of Excellence (MCOE) helps organizations avoid rogue applications and more importantly, takes care of the fragmented mobile projects. Our service empowers companies to embrace mobile holistically, meet cross-organizational goals, ensure regulatory compliance and mitigate risks. MCOE can be an invaluable tool for any enterprise by enabling to support the broadest use of devices in its ecosystem of partners, contractors, employees and customers.

We offer:

  • Mobile Innovation Management
  • Mobile Solutions Management
  • Mobile Governance Management
  • Mobile Partner Management

Establishing Mobile CoE offers many long-term benefits to the organization, including the following:

  • Improved alignment – Helps to reduce overlaps and ensures consistency among different business units.
  • Agile development – Streamlines and accelerates the process of regular updates in features and bug fixes.
  • Consistent offerings – Employee-, partner- or customer -owned devices get common capabilities that are distributed enterprise-wide.
  • Data privacy and security – Technology standards are set to enable centralized governance, thereby diminishing threats.
  • Mobility innovations – Identifies new capabilities that leads to value-added offerings.


Operating System Android, IOS, Windows
Language Java(Android), Objective-C,  Swift(IOS), C#(Xamarin)(Windows)
Database Sqlite, Couchbase Lite
Front-End Technologies Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS, jQuery Mobile, Angular JS
Frameworks Phonegap, Cordova, Sencha, Ionic, Mobile Angular UI
Testing Unit Testing, Integration Testing, Stress Testing, UI Testing
Testing Frameworks Robotium, Robolectric, Espresso, Monkeyrunner, junit


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