Development Models

Agile Methodology

UBNSoft’s Agile Development Methodology brings together the flexibility of resounding agile principles and the power of iterative methodologies. We follow a disciplined development philosophy at par with the current industry standards combined with our extensive experience in software development.

Our processes resonate very well with the core principles of agile methodologies where in our global clients avail our development and management services with ease. Our Agile Development Methodology combines extreme programming optimized for offshore development model with iterative development model that allows our development teams to effectively cater to the changing needs of businesses.

  • Rapid development of products and applications with minimal documentation.
  • Adaptable to rapid changes to client requirement and specifications.
  • Our developers can involve and work extensively with your team.
  • Build products and applications within budget, least on overheads and high on visibility.

Waterfall Model

UBNSoft’s Waterfall methodology has a sequential design process, just the way the methodology name suggests. The process includes different phases of conception, analysis, initiation, design, construction, testing, deployment and maintenance. The waterfall model quite popular in the field of software development, and it has been used extensively by different types of industries.

  • The model is simple to understand and easy to work with.
  • The rigidity of the model is easy to manage. Each phase has a defined deliverable and a proper review process.
  • Phases are completed in sequence, one after another. There is no overlap.
  • The model works best with smaller projects with defined requirements and objectives that are well understood.

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