Engineering & Manufacturing

The new global scenario has completely transformed the Engineering and Manufacturing  industry. Technology oreintation, increased globalization, never-ending personalization, safety requirements are major areas that are changing the face of the industry. Customers wants more choice that ever before, competition is intense as always, and products are getting complex. The demands of market is unpredictable. The companies of today seek constant innovation, fast time-to-market strategies, effective internal supply chain of raw materials, low cost on inventory and minimizing losses. Companies driven by innovations will survive and prosper during the challenging times.

UBNSoft offers specialized services for different Engineering and Manufacturing  segments that enables them to leverage emerging technologies effectively.  The following services will help the industry realize its full potential:

  • Enterprise Mobility
  • BI and Dashboarding Services
  • Enterprise Application Modernization
  • Data Digitization
  • MS Dynamics Implementations and Solutions
  • Enterprise Application and Data Integration
  • Enterprise Portals and Content Management
  • Custom Application Development and Management
  • Custom ERP and Workflow Applications
  • Production Planning Services
  • Industrial Automation
  • Supply Chain and Demand Management

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