Engagement Model

UBNSoft’s Engagement Model is all about the right mix of operational efficiency and relevant costs associated with processes and systems, for providing full control and high level of transparency to customers. UBNSoft understands the requirements pretty well. Our team is geared to tap the latest technology that is best suited for your business, with well-defined strategies. Our expertise gained over years of industry experience can take good care of the entire gamut of work, right from requirements gathering till the final delivery. The team adheres to established processes backed by excellent communication infrastructure.

UBNSoft’s engagement models are designed to meet the individual needs of each of our customers:

Project Management Model:

Our combinations of models (Onsite, Offshore, and Blended) are tactfully planned to manage your project. Our development or testing center provides you flexibility to scale up or down easily, and works like your extended team.

Time and Expenses Model:

Time and expenses are critical to any project. Therefore, you pay as per the actual man-hours used in developing the software and actual expense incurred, if any. The working of the project, and the scope of it generally undergoes adjustments along the way.

Fixed Cost Model:

This model needs detailed requirements specification before work on the project starts. You need to know exactly what you want and are able to define these specific requirements clearly in written format. The specification must remain frozen throughout the project. In this model payments are made as milestones in the project are reached.

Support Package Model:

A support package that consists of a number of prepaid man-hours is typically customers that opt for ongoing support and maintenance. This model works best for small ad hoc tasks, as you don’t have to deal with payments, invoices or contracts every time for your requirements. Man-hours are debited as work for your progresses.

Dedicated Resources Model:

We can provide dedicated team leads, developers, and testers to work exclusively on your requirements. You need to pay a fixed monthly fee for their services. The dedicated resources are best used for long term contracts. Part time resources are also available for select maintenance and support services. Training programs can be arranged for specialized skills.

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