Global Delivery Model

UBNSoft’s Global Delivery Model is designed to focus on customer’s core competencies, and it is backed by quality technical operations. The sole aim is to offer a definitive advantage to our customers. Our clients are assured of consistent and predictably high levels of efficiency in every project addressed by our Offshore Development Center (ODC). This is possible by implementing standardized and the latest processes across all technological platforms. We provide our clients the best in class IT infrastructure that is scalable, flexible and secured to fully address any business needs.

The Global Delivery Model ensures risk management, exceptional quality, and in-depth visibility to determine success of complex enterprise projects. The approach enhances risk mitigation, better visibility, and transparent communication. Our development center takes care of every aspect, every component of the project. This process ensures optimum advantage for the client in terms of efficiency, cost, and quality of deliverables, skills availability, and service coverage.

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