SalesForce CRM CoE

UBNSoft’s SalesforceCRM CoE has done an excellent job in serving organizations worldwide. The team has enabled companies to work with a structure and a platform-base to help deployment of a large global roll-out of processes and tools. The service leverages people, technology and knowledge to drive business, promote standards, and adhere to best practices across the business. UBNSoft’s has the expertise to globally deploy a large complex program that allows implementation of the best technology with minimum risks, maximum adoptions, thereby complementing the chances of achieving major milestones. Our solutions drive business transformations and supports successful reinvention of business. The team’s objective is to provide quality enterprises outcome driven solutions.

Salesforce has evolved and expanded into an essential business platform spanning sales, marketing, service, and social networking, right from its roots in Customer Relationship Management (CRM). An organization needs to ensure that the Salesforce services are optimized to work in seamlessly in tandem within your IT environment. Our comprehensive services take care of organization’s needs – whether it is new implementation, updates, or harmonizing with surrounding technology environment.
Overview and Purpose:

  • Focus on objectives for the Salesforce global deployment and work on the critical corporate goals.
  • Allow shared partnership between IT and the business to achieve goals and objectives flawlessly.
  • Manage all key elements of a global deployment through skilled resources.
  • Establish independent of technology
  • Improve development methodology that allows the best features to be applied based on the needs of the business.
  • Improves visibility and communication across the enterprise, thereby raising quality of the release lifecycle and reducing deployment risk.


Operating System Windows NT 7, 8, XP, 95/98, 2003,2000, Vista, Linux
Language Salesforce(Apex), Java
Database Salesforce(, Oracle, SQL Server 2000/2005/2008r, MY SQL, FAME
FrontEnd Technologies Salesforce(Visualforce Page), HTML, Javascript, Jquery
Reporting Tool Salesforce(Reports and Dashboards), MSBI(SSRS)
Framework MVC Framework 2.0, Struts, Hibernate
Mobile Salesforce 1
CMS Salesforce Content Management
Others IDE(Eclipse, Netbeans, IDE), ANT, Bamboo, Atlasian JIRA, Trello, SVN, CVS
Testing Selenium


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