Health Care

The Healthcare industry is undergoing a major transformation. The organizations globally face major obstacles that incudes declining reimbursements, eacalating costs, and forevery changing stricter laws and regulations by the government. In addition to these challenges there are serval other hurdles associated like otimizing costs, improvement in quality of care, reduction waste, and taking care of the ongoing consolidations. Due to these reasons, Information Technology and Nano Technologies have converged to serve the sector.

Healthcare’s success depends on the outcome of patients. Gone are the days when number of transactions was the yardstick to judge the quality. This new emerging world brings along many opportunities and changes. UBNSoft’s healthcare IT solutions help health care organizations to coordinate care, address complex challenges, manage payment model compleities, reduce costs, and a lot more. Our solutions include software, services, and consulting to the Health Care sector, hospitas, home health care agencies, doctors, physician offices, home health care payers, imaging centers, etc.

Our services inclcude:

  • Application platform porting.
  • Data migration.
  • Application testing.
  • IT support and staff augmentation.
  • IT infrastructure management.
  • Engineering design support and planning.
  • Tender/Procurement assistance.
  • Installation, testing and acceptance support.

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