Data Warehouse

UBNSoft offers a comprehensive and robust portfolio for Data Warehousing services that is methodically designed, easy-to-maintain for Extraction, Transformation, and Load (ETL) processes. The services are designated to address to the specific needs of a variety of industries with an aim to get most out of investment. Data Warehouse solutions meets evolving needs of an organization by providing data that is accurate, timely, and valuable. UBNSoft has a high degree of specialization in providing end-to-end Data Warehouse development and maintenance, as well the implementation of project phases across various industries. Our services can bring in a fundamental shift in the manner in which an organization leverages information from data as an enterprise asset. We understand the real strategic value of data to address management oversight issues, including vendor relations, operational efficiencies, customer insights, etc. UBNSoft understands that any data warehouse project can seem overwhelming. Therefore, our proficient team, constituting well-seasoned experts, partner with you to give you total control over the data and the project, right from the start till the finish. We have just the solution for you. The Data Warehousing services we provide include:

  • Architecture Design
  • Business Discovery
  • Detailed Data Analysis
  • Logical Data Modeling
  • Physical Database Design
  • Network Capacity Planning
  • Application Development
  • Data Mining
  • Data Transformation
  • Solution Integration
Implementation and Support
  • Data Migration
  • Application Implementation
  • Application Support
  • System/Database Management

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